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Wendy Volhard Natural Diet Foundation

The Natural Diet dehydrated dog foods are produced from a recipe developed and clinically tested for over 30 years by Wendy Volhard.  Whether you choose to use Natural Diet AM & PM, or prefer the convenience of NDF 2, a commitment to nourishing and natural dog food is guaranteed. All products are made from ingredients that are human-grade, not by-products or leftovers deemed unfit for human consumption. During processing only moisture is extracted, so that the integrity of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids is maintained.
Yummy can't wait for breakfast!
NDF AM is suitable for dogs with a history of digestive upsets and is used by breeders, trainers and pet owners who wish to have long-lived, healthy dogs. AM available in a 6 lb bag only.
Natural makes me feel so good!
NDF PM gives you the flexibility to meet any special dietary needs your dog may have. Just add meat and water, mix and serve. PM available in a 9 lb bag only.
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