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In Loving Memory of John Willis Saucier, Jr.  (1945- 2009)
Handcraft Collars, Inc. was founded in 1960 by John and Katherine Saucier. They were both involved in dog obedience training at the time, and due to the lack of properly fitting equipment, worked at developing a new type of training collar. The results of their efforts produced the Snap Around Training Collar. This type of collar allows a better fit because it snaps around the dogs neck instead of going over the head. This provides for greater control with minimal effort.
Our collar has often been imitated, but the quality has never been duplicated. Over the past four decades the product design has not changed. All collars are hand made, and will not stretch. Our collars and leads are tested by training professionals before they are sold to our customers. In addition, our collars are used today by top training instructors throughout the world.
Jack and Wendy Volhard have been promoting our Snap-Around Training Collar in their training seminars and books for years. Because of their well known use of this product, it is often referred to as the "Volhard" training collar.
We have also been publisized in the revised edition of How To Be Your Dogs Best Friend- by the Monks of New Skete. We certainly appreciate the continued support that Jack, Wendy, the Monks of New Skete, and ALL of our loyal customers have shown in the use of our products.
In addition, we manufacture a variety of top quality training products to give our customers the advantage in all training situations. A good trainer utilizes a variety of training tools to accommodate their needs, and accomplish their goals. They realize that every situation is different with all dogs, and may require different equipment. What may work with one dog, may not work with another dog, even of the same breed. Handcraft Collars continues to bring you the training tools you need for success in training your dog.

We currently serve our customers - one at a time - and still do our best to give you, our customer, the best possible service. All products are hand made, and orders are processed and shipped in the order that we receive them. We make every effort to ship within 72 hours after receiving your order. 

We invite you to try the finest quality training collars and equipment on the market today. Check back often as we add new and exciting products to our line of training tools.

D. Saucier

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